Competition Results

The outdoor season is well under way with some good results from Stour Valley members.
Chris - Jack these two have been hard  at it with some great results. At Downland they won grade 1-2 agility, came 1st in grade 1-2 steeplechase, at Easter Celebration gained 5th in helter skelter, at Lewes came 3rd in grade 1-7 helter skelter, at Eastbourne came 22nd in 1-3 helter skelter and 4th in 1-2 jumping and only a couple of weeks ago came 1st in grade 2 jumping. Absolutely brilliant Chris!
Alison - Wilf/Inca Wilf just seems to go on and on pulling results out the bag for Alison and here they are, at Shuttleworth Wilf came 5th in 4-7 agility, clear in 4-7 agility at Easter Celebration, 3rd in 6-7 agility at Wallingford, clear in 6-7 jumping at Thames and 8th in 1-7 agility
KC Olympia at Axstane. A super trouper. Inca surprises Alison in more ways than one, at Shuttleworth Inca came 3rd in 1-3 agility, 5th in 1-3 jumping and 1st in grade 3 jumping at Easter Celebration. At Wallingford she came 3rd in grade 3 jumping and 9th in grade 3 jumping at Thames, at Axstane Inca gained another 3rd place in grade 3 jumping. I would say very nice surprises!
Dee - Candy never letting me down as usual. Its just as easy to say Candy has gained 6 clear rounds in agility, 2 clears in helter skelter, 10  clears in jumping and a 15th place in jumping at Easter Celebration.
Dee - Chey my little girl with the big leap, not so good if you want good contacts but she does get clears in agility, at Shuttleworth she gained a clear in both jumping and agility, clear in 1-3 jumping at Easter Celebration, 2 clears at Wallingford and 3 clears at Orchard.
Elaine - Ben Ben is really starting to shine now, he still has his excited moments but so loves his agility, at Orchard Ben gained 4th place in 1-2 agility and at Wallingford gained 16th place in grade 1 jumping. Well done
Elaine - Roxy this little dog has been training for less than a year and has come on so quickly that Elaine has been competing with her since March. Initially she did the usual baby things like galloping around the ring, so enjoying herself and so happy to be doing agility but now she is completing courses with tiny mistakes. It wont be long Elaine!!
Judi - Marja/Liza/Keira Judi and trio have been competing at both UKA and BAA shows where the rules are slightly different but none the less some encouraging results. Marja has gained 3 clear rounds, Liza has 2 clears, a 9th, 2 x 4ths, and a 3rd. Keira has gained 5 clear rounds and 2nd in agility. Well done to all of you.
Julie - Gilbert/Stanley although Julie doesn’t train Stanley at club anymore he is still able to go out there and perform, at Shuttleworth he gained a 2nd in grade 5 jumping, 3rd in grade 5 agility at Easter Celebration plus his usual clear rounds. Gilbert, the younger of the pair gained a 2nd in grade 4 jumping at Shuttleworth, 2nd in grade 4 agility and a clear in grade 4 jumping which meant he only had to go clear in his 4-7 agility to win the small dog tournament but Julie blames herself for messing up! At Thames Gilbert gained a 5th in grade 4 agility and 2nd in grade 4 jumping. Gilbert also did the pairs with Candy but unfortunately Julie had a senior moment. Don’t worry Julie its only a bit of fun!!
Di - Fudge/Max and Dave - Jess well done Di and little Fudge for getting their 1st clear round in allsorts at barely their first competition. Di gave me a report from a recent show and it went like this “1-2 agility, Jess had poles down, Max did scud missile on seesaw and didn’t seem to recognise coloured weave poles. 1-2 jumping, Chris ran Jess and she pulled back out of tunnel and had a pole down. Max went really well but missed weaves altogether” Don’t worry Di we have all been there!
Sue - woman of many dogs results from two of them. Basil has been doing really well, 3rd in grade 3-5 jumping at Downlands, 6th in 1-3 jumping at Easter Celebration, 2nd at Wallingford in grade 3 agility and 4th in in pairs and also team dash. At lewes Basil gained a 2nd in 1-3 jumping, 3rd at Tunbrdge Wells Grufts team,1st at Cippenham in grade 3 agility (won into grade 4), 8th at Thames in 3-5 jumping and finally 2nd in grade 4 jumping at Axstane. Phew some results Sue and didn’t see a cake in sight at club or did I miss them! Zebede gained 3rd in the pairs and 6th in team dash, 5th in 3-5 jumping at Vyne, 6th in 1-3 jumping at Tunbridge Wells and 6th in 1-3 jumping at Cippenham. Quite a handful of rosettes and trophies there Sue. Well done.
Carol - Patch these two have been out competing recently and there has been quite an improvement. Not much can catch Patch when she gets on a course, she is that keen that she cant stop jumping anything so although Carol is still waiting for consistent clear rounds she was ecstatic that patch did the weaves in competition. Great stuff Carol.
Gail - Skittle/Nugget the spotty ones are really getting the hang of this agility lark now and nugget is so good through the weaves these days. Between them they have gained 6 clear rounds, plus 3 clears at our practice show and Skittle gained a 17th place at Wallingford in grade 1 jumping which brought a big smile to Gails face, well done.


We held our practice competition evening on Thursday 14th May and everyone seemed to enjoy the event and learn a lot about competition procedures, well done to everyone that took part, here are the full results.

Class 1 Nursery Agility
1st Shaun and Jess  2nd Nick and Daisy  3rd Jackie and Chelsea  4th Carol and Ally
Class 2 Grade 1 Agility
1st Bethany and Skye  2nd Jennifer and Tilly  3rd Gail and Skittle  4th Gail and Nugget
Class 3 Grade 2 to 7 Agility
1st Chris and Jack  2nd Nina and Fynn  3rd Dee and Candy  4th Julie and Gilbert  5th Sue and Basil
Class 4 Open Power and Speed
1st Nina and Fynn  2nd Jennifer and Polly  3rd Julie and Gilbert
Class 5 Nursery Jumping
1st Jackie and Chelsea  2nd Ros and Bertie  3rd Carol and Ally  4th Sue and Pippa
Class 6 Grade 1 Jumping
1st Dave and Jess  2nd Kate and Monty  3rd Mel and Bruno  4th Jennifer and Polly  5th David and Maisie  6th Jennifer and Bryn
Class 7 grade 2 to 7 Jumping
1st Nina and Jack  2nd Sue and Basil  3rd Julie and Gilbert  4th Alison and Inca  5th Dee and Candy
Class 8 Open Helter Skelter
1st Kate and Monty  2nd Liz and Ziga  3rd Bethany and Skye  4th Chris and Jack  5th Carol and Patch  6th Jennifer and Polly


During the winter months it all goes a bit quiet on the competing front as there are far fewer shows, unaffiliated and indoors, but there are still a hardened few that get up on those cold dark mornings with there dogs and go and do what they all love best. And here are all those results of those die hards!

Chris - Jack  this pair have been busy. They have gained 14th, 10th, 9th, 8th and qualified for the final at C-side. Well done both of you.
Dee - Candy (Jacks girlfriend) - Chey
Candy has been her usual consistent self, she has gained 10th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st and 11 clear rounds. Candy also competed at Crufts in the Special Pre-beginner Obedience Stakes final for the second year in a row and came 8th this year. She never lets me down. Chey has gained 4th place and 5 clear rounds.
Judi - Liza, Keira, Marja. Judi has been busy at Crufts this year with these three. Liza gained 1st in Good Citizens and 2nd in veterans, Keira gained 4th in limit class and 4th in Good Citizens, Marja gained 4th in Good Citizens and in agility, Marja gained 3rd in agility and 2nd in jumping over the course of the winter. I  also know Judi gained 2 clear rounds at C-side with her Samoyed’s. Well done you.
Elaine - Ben. I knew it wouldn’t be long before these two  would start getting clear rounds. Ben is settling down nicely now and Elaine has a routine before going in the ring which she will no doubt tell you about that is crucial to her success. Ben has gained 3 clear rounds recently, 2 in jumping and one in helter skelter. I’m sure this will be the first of many. Congratulations to you both.
Julie -Stanley/Gilbert. Stanley has gained 4th in agility and 6 clear rounds, Gilbert has gained a 5th in jumping and 4 clear rounds. Julie would have had another place or clear round but unfortunately she had a senior moment and forgot the course! We have all done that Julie!
Alison - Wilf/ Inca/Quilla. Alison and Wilf have done amazingly well recently. Alison no longer trains Wilf but when he goes to shows and competes he never lets Alison down. Its all 1st’s for Wilf. 1st in 6-7 agility, 1st in 1-7 jumping and 1st in 1-7 agility not to metion the 2nd he gained in 1-7 agility at the weekend. Amazing stuff! Quilla , Alison’s youngster did the fun run at C-side, she stayed in the ring, phew! Made a few baby mistakes but worked well over all.
And Inca, well she’s on her holiday’s!!
Audrey - Minka/Maz.  Minka gained a best grade 3 dog at WAG and 3rd in agility at Just Mini’s. Maz also gained best grade 4 dog at WAG.
Sue - women of many dogs! Basil gained a 3rd and 4th, Dougal  3rd, Zebedee 4th, 2 x 2nd’s and a 1st and Dylan has gained 12th. Well done Sue, you must feel run off your feet sometimes!
Gail - Skittles/Nugget. Nugget has gained 2 clear rounds, one in jumping and the other in Helter Skelter at Wag. You are beating Skitts now Nugs!
Dave - Jess. Dave doesn’t do a great deal of competing but on one outing Jess gained 3rd place in agility and also gained best grade 1 dog.  Well done.
Mel - Bruno.  Mel and Bruno’s first time out competing for a while gained them a clear round at C-side. Great start to the year.
Jane - Carmen/ Rio. Carmen continues to gain clear rounds and Jane hopes one day it  will be a place to report. Rio has  gained 3rd in jumping and 4th in agility and as a result was presented with best grade 1 dog at WAG. Keep it up Jane and pal’s.
David - Maisie. At last, all that hard work is paying off. Maisie gained a clear in Starters agility at C-side and a clear in Helter Skelter at Wag. A great start to the year both of you.